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Dashboards and data analytics strategies.
Custom tailored to your business' needs.

Dashboard Services

Data Standards Limited provides access to an assortment of functional and current data visualization techniques. To view some of the possibilities visit the preview page.

Whether you're a small shop keeping an eye on your sales and inventory, or a major competitor always looking to stay one step ahead, our dashboards provide a clutter-free solution for all your needs.

View Demo Dashboards

Our dashboards are custom tailored to your data. Make the most of your data (or utilize public datasets) using powerful in-browser visualization tools: HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. All this is provided as a simple and elegant interactive and real-time web application through Angular 2's dynamic web-app component framework.

View our demo page to see examples and available options. These can be created as standalone local applications, or hosted on a webserver for global access.

Advanced Analytic Strategies

Current Data Trends

Stay on top of local, regional, or global trends with our unique data resources. See how your business' popularity compares with other local competitors, get more insight on your current customer base, or set up alerts for your inventory needs.

Current machine learning techniques take the guess work out of your data analytics, and provide an in-depth view of future trends never possible before. Ask what options may be possible for you!

Dynamic Support

From setting up standard data visualizations for your business to a guided approach towards more advanced analytic techniques: we are available to ensure your business has the tools necessary to process, maintain, and understand current data trends. Face-to-face, Skype, or phone meetings are all avaialable at your convenience.

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